OpenCV and QT on 22.04

I got error Could not load the Qt platform plugin “xcb” in “” even though it was found Even following this did not solve the problem. But it seems that going headless works. That is, pip uninstall opencv-python pip install opencv-python-headless

hotkey for taking screenshots

Suddenly Ubuntu does not show the window of how to deal with a screenshot after taking one. It still was not solved. But I guess it is better to just add “Ctrl” to grab a shot.  

No bold math in latex

I got this “bug” for a long time and ignored it. Eventually it seems like coming from \renewcommand{\sfdefault}{cmss} which I am not sure where I copied from. This seems to set sans font to cmss, which probably doesn’t bold math.  

Canvas API pagination

Canvas API’s pagination is mentioned here but is not really very well-documented. For example, r.links[‘last’] may not exist. Therefore a solution as below suggested here may not work while r.links[‘current’][‘url’] != r.links[‘last’][‘url’]:    r = requests.get(r.links[‘next’][‘url’], headers=headers)    raw = r.json()    for question in raw:        data_set.append(question) Instead, I changed it a little bit…

Muting Discord server

The tooltip for muting a channel explains that it prevents unread indicators and notifications unless you’re mentioned. If you want it not to show anything even if you’re mentioned, click on the server name in the upper left and change your notification settings to “nothing” for that channel.

Office 365 online no equation editor

As title, it wasted me an hour to figure that out. The information online is very confusing. In particular, they describe how to insert equations for office 365. And never even footnote that the “web-version” does not have that feature. Microsoft Office Web vs Desktop Apps: What is the Difference?

xformers for stable-baseline for 22.04

xformers 0.13 does not seem to work for stable-baseline (at least AUTOMATIC1111) distribution. But does work. We can fix it by cd stable-diffusion-webui python3 -m venv venv source venv/bin/activate pip install deactivate    

remote desktop with Ubuntu

It becomes quite easy to do remote desktop now. First, install openssh-server and x11vnc at the host by sudo apt install openssh-server x11vnc For the client, simply login with ssh and then run x11vnc after login. Then can connect to remotely with vnc clients such as remmina Login without password At client side, create key-pair…