The second day without power

It is Tuesday night. I have never gone through a power outage lasting that long. According to the news, electricity can take a week or more to be fully restored. About one third here has no power in Tulsa. There is no traffic light in many roads, even the bigger one.

I was quite a bit surprise that it went this bad. I could hear falling branches Sunday night. But there is basically no wind. I wouldn’t even describe it as a storm. Just those branches fell after ice accumulated on them and got heavy. Falling branches can be seen everywhere. But still, I am amazed to see one third is out of power (that is about a quarter million in Tulsa). There is hurricane (or typhoon) every year back home. I saw big tree fell down almost every year. But everything back to normal the next day the storm passed. Power outage of this scale is simply unimagable. Especially when the bad weather is basically over, and still the utility company is telling us that they need 10 more days or so.

I am ready for a long power outage. I took almost everything eatable to the office now. I only went back home to sleep. It is lucky that I have a fireplace at home. I thought that was just a decoration. I don’t know that is really useful in Oklahoma.

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