Install Kile 2.0 in Ubuntu 9.04

Like many others, I am very frustrated with the new Kile and Ubuntu Janty has chosen it as default. It is ridiculously slow and the text doesn’t do dynamic word wrap (YES, it doesn’t!). There is a tool to “auto-wrap” but it screws up comments if you use % often as I do. After several months of frustration, I finally uninstalled it and reinstalled the old one. I am not a Linux expert and it is actually much easier than I thought.  I probably would have done it couple months ago if I know it is that easy. Simply remove Kile from Synaptic and then download and run the correct version of debian package from this site. this site.

btw, if you forgot to uninstall Kile 2.1 before reinstall 2.0, you may end up having some weird problems. One possible culprit is simply the configuration file is corrupted. A simplest solution is to copy a clean copy from some one else. The configuration file of Kile is  ~/.kde/share/config/kilerc

Another note, after reinstalling 2.0, it is better to search kile in synaptic and apply force version Lock Version from Package->Lock Version Force Version… Otherwise, it will switch back to 2.1 after the next update.

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  1. have you checked the command-line option –graphicssystem raster? It is at least workable at my machine with that option 🙂

    1. No. But I agree that it probably will speed thing up. But I still can’t bear with the newer version without “auto-wrap”. It is too inconvenient without this feature.

  2. If dynamic word wrap was the only problem, it can be turned on by going to Settings>Configure Kile>Editor+Appearance and enable “Dynamic word wrapping”. And I am surprised that you found Kile 2.1 slower. The PPA version of Kile addressed a lot of the memory leak problems it had so I guess it works fine enough for me.

    1. I enabled “Dynamic word wrapping” and it does not do it as I wish it should. It wraps at the end of the line instead of at 80% of viewable area. Any suggestions?

      1. 80% of the viewable area is an option. Adjust to your liking using “Align Dynamically wrapped lines to indentation depth:” then in the drop down menu next to that phrase choose ‘80% of the view width”

        hope this helps,

  3. Thanks for the explanation how to install Kile 2.0.1, it’s much nicer than the new Kile 2.1. One more remark, for people who occasionally update their package using the command-line/apt-get: locking the package in Synaptic will not be sufficient to prevent apt-get updating the package. I came across the page
    where is explained how to “hold” the package back also in this case. The Synaptic lock is then not necessary.

  4. Kile does not install at all in Ubuntu 9.10.

    No version of kile installs.

    I cannot compile from source code.

    I can only install from synaptic.

    1. It should work. I’m using 9.10 also (64 bits). Please note that the link has been changed. It should work if you download the file matches your computer’s architecture from

      You don’t need to compile from source. You will be able to install directly from the deb files described above.

  5. Hello,
    maybe that is a different problem, but Kile 2.0.1 works no better than 2.1. I have a block of text over several lines. I highlight this block by dragging the mouse over it. I press Ctrl-D. Some lines get commented out, but in others, the % sign is placed somewhere inside the line. And then Ctrl-Shift-D does not remove these % signs. Is that a common experience or do I have to set up some options in a certain way?
    Thank you and best regards,

    1. Hi Peter,

      Ctrl-Shift-D should only remove one “layer” of % each time you press it. And of course, it only removes % when it is at the beginning of a sentence.


  6. Can you suggest where to find kile 2.0. Of the links you supply one is no longer valid and the other leads to kile 2.1 .Many thanks.

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