Random Thought on Steins Gate

I am more than half way through Steins Gate. Apparently, it will become one of my all time favorite. Okay, there will be spoilers here. For those who didn’t watch it, go watch it now! It doesn’t matter if you are an anime fan or not. This one will definitely change your attitude towards anime if you haven’t watched any before.

To begin with, of course, the story is amazing. The idea is not completely new. Time machine. Used over and over again in everywhere. I guess the refreshing part is that it is not trying to send physical objects back in time but information alone instead. The restriction is actually an attraction on its own. I found d-mails enticing because we didn’t know what we were expecting every time they did it. Okabe is still in the present but we have no idea what have just been changed in the past. This gives some excellent materials to build up a psychological thriller.

I didn’t count how many episodes we went through since Mayuri’s death. I just finished episode 15 and it seems to me we have at least 4, 5 episodes of Okabe trying to save her. It didn’t go boring though especially after Okabe trying to seek help from the others. I am a very dumb viewer in terms of mystery. Given all the hints, I didn’t realize that Suzuha is John Titor. Of course, I knew that she was from the future. It is plain obvious that the writer just wants everyone realizes it. But I guess I was easily blinded from the perception feeling that John Titor has to be a guy.

At this moment, there are just too many unknowns in my head. The secret society FB, who is Moeka really, what happened in the beginning, is Kurisu going to die…

In terms of the scientific explanation, I am no physicist but as an engineer, I have a bit doubt of compression information with a black hole and can somehow recover it back. I guess if they try to explain the message sent are actually qubit (quantum bits) instead of bits. Then, maybe it has some possibilities.

The characters are one of the biggest reasons why this show is so addictive. All characters are lovable and in a way very different and so make some great contrast. Okabe is crazy, arrogant, slightly annoying but lovable. We see the story mostly from his view. In many regards, one can feel that he is more noble than he tries to act and pretend. Mayuri is very weird but on the other hand, she is clear head as the others pointed out. Kurisu can make a good couple with Okabe. But it seems that Okabe will be with Mayuri eventually if this is leading to a happy ending (seems unlikely though). The rest of the characters are relatively minor. I already passed the point where Suzuha probably won’t come back with the remaining story. Otherwise, she is one of my favorite characters.

In any case, I am expecting something really great for the remaining episodes. From brief screening of some other reviews, it is likely that I won’t be disappointed.

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