Code Geass Season 1

What can I say? I just can’t stop watching and and basically used up my whole day to finish the first season. Thinking back, it didn’t incorporate exactly lots of new elements. After all, the studio is Sunrise. It has been making war animes for more than 30 years. It just did everything they used to do but did it near perfectly. There are some light moments. But the fillers do not digress from the main story too much. Lelouch is definitely a star and he is very similar to Light in Death Note. But because of Nunnally, he is much more lovable than Light and he does actually care with others, at least those who know. Honestly, because Lelouch is such a star, the rest of characters seem dull comparatively. Suzaku is promising at first but unfortunately I don’t always find his motive convincing. Especially Lelouch mentioned that he was a proud kid in the past. It was quite hard to imagine such a big change. However, the death of Euphemia did give him a good motivation for the story to continue. Anyway, season two appears to be more promising and I guess I will jot down some thought after finishing it also.

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