Lenovo X1 gen 6 deep sleep

I got an X1 Yoga and it works great with Linux. Unfortunately, deep sleep doesn’t work out of the box. However, this article describes a nice fix for that.

But for me, step 18 needs to replaced by step 23. If you encountered the same problem as I got, your grub would have been broken and the laptop would not get back into the system. And to repair this, I used the liveCD and followed the instructions here.  If update-grub doesn’t go through, one may also try boot-repair. It resolved my problems.


As mentioned in post here, touch screen does not work after resume from sleep. A workaround is summarized as follows:

create a unit file:  /etc/systemd/system/wake_wacom_hack.service with content:

Description= s2idle fo 1 second after resume

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/rtcwake -m freeze -s 1


enable in standard way:

(as root)#systemctl enable wake_wacom_hack.service

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