Impeding rescue is equivalent to deliberate murder

This is an online article from here. Written by a medic who came to rescue the HKUST student who “fell” from 3rd to 2nd floor “dodging” a tear gas canister from police. But according to a medical doctor, it is more likely that the student got hit by a bean bag round and fell. I added translation next to each sentence. In summary, the police tried to block an ambulance coming in and that was delayed by 30 minutes. The student is still in critical condition at this moment.


Regarding student Chow who fell from the building and was seriously injured at Shangde Estate, I have something I would like to add. I am among the voluntary first aid group who first arrived the scene.


When I saw student Chow, there were three firefighters who had been applying first aid. At this time, Chow had already lost conscious, was incontinent, and constantly vomiting blood.


He was unconscious the whole time. At the beginning, he could make some sound, and some unconscious kicks. He would so respond to pain. At that time, the situation was already very severe, and the ambulance was very much needed, but it never arrived.


When we are trying to do our best to rescue Chow. Some police suddenly appeared and pointed guns at us and told us to leave


At the scene, besides the firemen and the FA, there was only one reporter. There are no pedestrian from the neighborhood as well. We were all recusing Chow and all of us had put on our reflective vests, but the police asked us to leave anyway. Luckily one firefighter helped us to block them. The police finally left after a while.


After five minutes, the situation of Chow began to deteriorate. The whole body began to spasm and was completely stiff. After cutting open his shirt, it was apparent that there were fractures and lumps. None of FA at scene were equipped to deal with this situation.

有個急救嘅隊友落咗樓帶救護車上嚟,但好耐都見唔到佢。跟住佢嘅脈搏開始跌、一路跌。跌到落 60,之後幾十秒之後,就跌到最低 41。呢個時候,佢連聲都出唔到,瞳孔反射都好慢。情況真係好危急!

There was a FA who went down to try to guide an ambulance, but he didn’t come back for a long time. Chow’s pulse began to fall as we waited. It fell to 60, and after a few tens of seconds, it fell to a minimum of 41. At this time, he couldn’t make any noise, and the pupil reflection was very slow. The situation was really dangerous!

但係樓下啲警察阻住,唔畀救護車過。落咗樓嘅 FA,跑到氣都斷,警察都係唔畀救護車過。

But the police downstairs just kept blocking an ambulance from passing. Lost in breath, the FA who went for the ambulance (try to beg?), but the police still didn’t allow the ambulance to pass.


We were really helpless, we didn’t have any useful equipment in hand, couldn’t really do much. The ambulance finally arrived after almost half an hour. All of us FA and firefighters were so tired and just collapsed on the ground.


From the ambulance arrived till chow went into the ambulance, no one had said anything. The atmosphere was really heavy.


If the police were not blocking the ambulance, Chow probably could have got into the ambulance 30 minutes earlier. I had an operation 30 minutes earlier. If the police did not block the ambulance, the pal downstairs wouldn’t need to sacrifice himself (video) to “strike a stone with an egg”.


Seeing how Chow suffered, my heart kept sinking. We didn’t really have anything to help him then. This kind of feeling was really hard to describe. As long as I closed my eyes, I would see his blood on my gloves. When I am surrounded by silence, I will hear his painful moan.


I was holding his hand the whole time. At first, he was able to catch my hand. But later, as his heartbeat slowed, his hand slowly loosened. It is so hard to describe my feeling.


My heart hurts like stabbed by a knife. And I felt guilty. Why I could not do more to help him? But I know that we really were helpless. I really have done everything I could do. And we really did not have much more we could do besides holding his hand.


I don’t understand why he risked so much to jump down. But I understand that he had to be scared to death at that time. My heart really broke. I don’t understand why the police was even willing to let the ambulance pass.


I don’t believe. There were police who saw the situation of Chow. The police downstairs should have known that there was a serious wounded person here.


There is no difference between impeding rescue and deliberate murder.


Impeding rescue is equivalent to deliberate murder.