Some note of time traveller KFK

Just for fun. But some of what he wrote was quite interesting Why God created human? 器皿與內容。構成並顯出。 What is the nature of management? The desire of power? 對人性之惡的限制與監督。 What is the organization LAWS? LAWS是自主致命性武器英文縮寫。準確說,LAWS本身不是組織,是LAWS的國際預防組織。 What is the meaning of Rehma? 即時,帶著光之話語訊息的傳遞。

Annotated transformer

This Harvard blog post is really nice. It filled in the detail implementation for the “Attention is all you need” paper.

Experience with Windows subsystem for Linux

Tried to play opencv on my old surface pro 3. Somehow face_recognition is running very slow on Anaconda python. I suspected that dlib was not optimized somehow. Try out Windows subsystem for Linux and see how it goes. It is actually quite decent. Many has problem install opencv (with library link problem). It can be…

Pseudo-random pattern

Thinking to get a pseudo-random patern projector for 3d reconstruction. Come across this nice discussion. Probably the best solution is a laser source with a holograhic diffuser.

Conda is hell

I use Ubuntu and virtualenv and so I don’t see a need of using conda previously. But I recently tested something on windows and was forced to used conda. I ended up wasting whole two days to resolve package conflict. Conda cannot install all packages (for example cvui) and this force me to fall back…


Playing with face_recognition in python. It was doing well on my 18.04 ubuntu laptop. But face_recognition.face_encoding run super slow on my old surface pro 3. It needs ~0.7s per encoding, 10 times more on my ubuntu laptop. I checked the cpu speed. The ubuntu laptop is newer but should be only 50% faster. Cannot think…

Adventure capitalist

It is a review of a causal game I played recently. It is getting very tedious for special event. It is impossible to fund the last manager without buying with real money. Or I estimated you may click a button ~ 5000 times (12 sec cool down). It will be about ~ 17 hours of…