Multiple desktop with Ipad mini

As I continue to explore options for using Zoom for teaching, one thing I like a lot is that I can connect my laptop to a monitor and only show one of the screens on Zoom. This way I can easily control what my students can see and I can leave some “cheat sheet” or bullet points that I won’t forget on another screen. But the great time of remote teaching is going to end eventually. I think I would definitely miss this convenience.

I am thinking if I can do the same thing for a face-to-face lecture. Maybe for some classrooms, I can attach my laptop to another monitor. But for most classrooms, I probably don’t have this option. While searching online, I found someone uses an iPad as a monitor. I tried this one on my big iPad (my laptop is running 18.04). To my surprise, it runs quite well (when the connection is good). On my iPad, I am using VNC viewer and I have very few complaints with it except the mouse location does not precisely sync with where I touch the screen.  What is more encouraging is that it works very well even for my 9-year-old iPad mini. I have let it idle in my cabinet. And I didn’t expect to find some very good use for it. Compare with my bigger iPad, it is lighter and it serves well just to display my “cheat sheets”.



Surprisingly, even my Kindle fire works! But I tried three vnc clients only one of them works. The one that works is VNCClient. And I didn’t even pay attention that the KIndle fire has a very high resolution (2560X1600). I just tried 1280×800. It works quite well.



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