Jetson AGX Xavier experience

Just played with it a bit. So far my experience is horrible. Nvidia is notorious for poor support in software. I think this one is especially unacceptable.

First, I really don’t understand why the installation can be so complicated. I need a host computer connected to the device with a USB cable emulating a network connection. And for AGX Xavier, it seems that there is no other way to install it besides installing the SDKmanager.

Second, why you can install SDKmanager to 20.04 and yet cannot install jetpack to Xavier. And when I am writing this, 20.04 has been out for at least a year. Ok, I will find another machine with 18.04 installed. But then I got stuck flashing Xavier. It is related to creating an emulating connection with jetson. The complaint was out there since 18.04.2 but the moderator is not providing any constructive suggestions. I am using 18.04.6. It is still not working out of the box. After hours of debugging, it appears that Ubuntu is not assigning IPV4 to the host automatically. Eventually, I manage to bypass the problem by manually assigning IP with


After setting that from the network manager (I’m still using Unity), probably works for Gnome as well. Finally, it started to flash. But it failed immediately as I’m not in recovery mode. As I can log into the device. The easiest way is to reboot with

sudo reboot –force forced-recovery

as suggested here.


Update: it doesn’t still seem to be working. flashing died 99% and the connection broken after the device flashed.

And can’t get back to recovery mode even with sudo reboot –force forced-recovery


Needs ctrl-alt-F3 to get to getty first





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