Bricklink Studio on Wine

Played a little bit of Bricklink Studio. I have to say that it is a very nice app. Unfortunately, it only works natively in Windows and Macs. I tried to use VirtualBox with it. But it is painfully slow. And adding more core doesn’t help. I have an 8-core laptop and adding 4 cores doesn’t help at all.

Try to use Wine and it runs quite smoothly. Doesn’t feel any hiccup. I have Wine 5.0 running on 20.4. The Bricklink studio is 2.22.6. I tried to create instructions with it. Some functionality fails. Like I cannot display page numbers with that. However, the most painful part is that both the keyboard and mouse appear to fail once I clicked out of the app.  Otherwise, everything else works quite well and it is quite functional. Just it is really painful that I have to make sure that I save if I click something else as I don’t have a chance otherwise.


Btw, I also tried playonlinux but it doesn’t help at all. But lego designer was included in playonlinux and doesn’t seem to have any bug. But I didn’t spend too much time testing it though.



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